Ambassadors program


Welcome K&L
Thank you for your interest in becoming a K&L Ambassador! We cannot wait to learn more about you and consider you as a candidate.

Our team is currently looking to expand our presence Internationally! We're looking for photographers, influencers,  stylists & bloggers who would love to represent the K&L brand. You will get first dibs on new arrivals! I mean, who doesn't love free bikinis?! Sounds like you? Well, what are you waiting for? We humbly valued our strong following of satisfied customers,and we will continue to uphold the highest standards to our loyal customers ; however, we are eager to expand our brand to women who can also confidently represent out brand WORLDWIDE! 

If you feel you would be an excellent representation of our brand, we would love to hear from you or hear about a friend, sister, or loved one whom you would recommend for our team. 

Application Requirements: 
1. Desire to represent K&L brand
2. Submit a Personal Photo that represents your style or love for nature 
3. 1-2 sentences explaining why you should be considered
3. Link to social feeds (Instagram preferred) 
4. Must be 18 or older 

*If you're ready to START send us an email introducing yourself and let’s see what we can create! Feel free to send over the following information to: